I am a developer from southern Italy who loves to program in Python. I prefer to follow my projects for now and I will use this page to list my little goals.

One day I will publish my best project....

I forgot, being hosted on codepen, you can copy and use all the codes on this site for your new portfolio. Free of charge and when you want.
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Stuff in my Portfolio

Webtorrent Plus

A fork of webtorrent for wordpress with a html5 video player and active development.

web torrent streaming for wordpress php e javascript

Blockonomics Shapeshift integration

The first integration of Shapeshift in the Blockonomics Plugin For WordPress. A simple contribution for a great service.


Future Projects:

  • BoilerBottle
    A boilerplate for bottle inspired by simplicity. The Portable Python web framework
  • NinjaSoup
    An invisible and powerful Python scraper